Claims and Warranty Administration


Drive Proficiency In Claims Administration To Boost Profits Across Your Programs

Claims and Warranty Administration is one of the most undervalued contributors to overall warranty program success. We help your team transform into a highly proficient, strategic operation that collaborates with the rest of your warranty team to drive business value.

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Standardize entitlement, adjudication, and all other critical service & administrative functions for your team. Reduce errors and response variability.


Streamline agent processes with automated workflows and programmatic business rules. Decrease administrative expense while providing faster and more consistent customer experience.


Deliver significant, measurable profit increases with reduced administrative costs and regulated claims awards. Strategically drive profits across your warranty chain.

Bring all critical aspects of warranty administration into a single warranty system – standardizing business rules and data capture at every step.


Contract & Claims Administration

Our flexible, easy-to-use interface helps you streamline and standardize processes across all customer points:

Create, search, edit & cancel contracts — manual or POS data integration.

Create, search, update and adjudicate claims.

Reduce costs by streamlining processes, decreasing manual data entry, and diminishing errors in claims adjudication, payments and denials.

Define approval and authorization workflows.

Ensure consistency and controls across all agents and channels.

Visibly monitor trends and outcomes in real time.

Provide faster, consistent interfaces and processes across all customer channels: call center, email, website, retail location, personalized URL.

Easily configure to your needs.


Service Process Management

Managing unit repairs can be costly and frustrating. We help seamlessly manage the process, while reducing administrative costs and capturing real-time product feedback.

Manage all aspects of your service provider database, including labor and tax rates.

Streamline service workforce management.

Allow service providers to directly submit claim estimates for review and approval.

Improve administrative & field productivity and resource efficiency.

Support integration with dealer, service center, and other 3rd party systems.

Reduce service costs.

Generate warranty planning inputs including 360° service costs.

Deliver embedded analytics to drive business and warranty planning processes.


Parts & Supplier Management

We provide critical information used to manage the sources that help create your products.


Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive visual reports are available on the dashboard for real time monitoring and optimization.



Full Warranty Intelligence

Claims Administration delivers immediate cost savings with a complete warranty system and then amplifies revenues, profits, and customer satisfaction across every other step of your warranty business:

Streamlined Claims Management

Automated workflows and rules-driven entitlement and adjudication reduce costs — and deliver near-perfect data to warranty analytics.

Increased Contract Sales & Profitability

More accurate claims forecasting enables optimized contract pricing, conversion & profitability.


Better Warranty Analytics

Air-tight claims data increases forecast accuracy, helping to maximize revenue recognition and mitigate insurance costs.

Accelerated Product Improvement

Accurate and organized claims data is delivered in real time to drive continuous product improvement.

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