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After, Inc. – v5.3 Product Release

After Warranty Suite v5.3 is now available!

After, Inc. is pleased to introduce the After Warranty Suite v5.3. The After Warranty Suite is a set of hosted software and services providing state-of-the-art technology for use in a wide array of warranty programs.  Through standard and custom analytics, intuitive and customer-friendly ecommerce, data-driven marketing and highly configurable warranty administration, After has been instrumental in helping our clients warranty programs flourish.

Warranty Analytics

Warranty Analytics uses our Anvil™ Big Data Platform to process all volumes of consumer purchasing and claims data to provide innovation and insights by understanding our clients’ consumer trends and product nuances. The following are changes to our Warranty Analytics offering with the current release:

  • Additional Interactive Reports – Using user-friendly, interactive reporting methods, After is making analytical information more accessible for our clients. New to this release is a Pareto report allowing for multiple reporting indices and drill-down capabilities.

Warranty Marketing

Warranty Marketing uses the most effective ecommerce methods and interfaces to create a seamless warranty sales experience for the end-user that measurably improves conversion rates. The following are changes to our Warranty Marketing offering with the current release:

  • Offer Reactivation – Agents can now reopen an expired offer to make a sale to customers who missed the offer deadline or for other accounting purposes.
  • Real-Time Offer Creation – Allows agents to create a new offer for an unsolicited product “on-the-fly”, expanding the potential customer pool of the marketing campaign.
  • Subscription Management – Enhanced features to allow more flexibility and better tracking of web-services subscription changes by cancelling and re-enrolling a customer in the subscription program.

Warranty Administration

Warranty Administration allows companies to manage their warranty information more effectively, using a modern web console that captures and displays all aspects of the customer relationship. The following are changes to the Warranty Administration offering with the current release:

  • Package Search – A separate function has been created to search and show package contents. Searches are done using serial number, and display package attributes, along with owner/customer information.
  • Additional Support for Optional Covered Items – As products and policies grow in flexibility, the Warranty Administration console has supplemented this fact by allowing for additional support for optional covered items. This allows the users to be much more specific in the products covered by a policy, while retaining associations of optional add-ons related to the product.
  • Upgrades and Bug Fixes – The Payee Selection UI has been streamlined, the Contract Cancellation screen has been improved, and additional minor bug fixes have been implemented.

Additional Updates

Along with the above product changes, the following items should also be noted:

  • Mobile Device Compatibility – Additional programming and testing has taken place to ensure maximum usability for end-consumers utilizing mobile platforms such as phones and tablets.

Call Center / Services

Call Center capabilities and other marketing capabilities are readily available upon request. The following important change is happening with our Call Center:

  • Construction has begun on our new call center location, and we are expected to move into our new space shortly in Q1 2016. The design and layout of our new location will play a key factor in maximizing our abilities to support our current client platform and in on-boarding new clients throughout 2016, along with hiring new agents to our group..


After solutions work with any browser, but are best viewed using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Contact Information

After, Inc., 70 West 40th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY  10018.

Phone: 800-374-4728;  Fax:  212-901-0956;  Email: info@afterinc.com

Website: http://afterinc.com