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After, Inc’s white papers explore topics in greater depth that our articles. Download and read to get a deeper understanding of core concepts and emerging technologies in warranty analytics.

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Optimizing Warranty Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has become an essential tool for manufacturers seeking to increase their warranty sales and profits. The use of predictive analytics in warranty marketing drives higher attachment rates, customer satisfaction, and retention. In this whitepaper, we describe how analytics can drive new business opportunities and help solve entrenched problems.

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Warranty Analytics 2.0

In this whitepaper, After, Inc. provides an in-depth look into the tools and practices needed for effective analysis of all aspects of warranty programs. Warranty management evolved to become more than just responding to service problems from customers: customer satisfaction, repurchase rates, product quality and many other areas are affected by issues in this area. As a result, robust analytics are needed to inform business strategy.

Warranty Marketing Whie Paper Cover

The Technologies Driving Product Registration

Product registration has become an important element in manufacturer’s customer management and experience efforts, as they seek to forge stronger relationships with end customers. This eBook covers how shifts in consumer attitudes and use of technology require new approaches, and the technologies, such as artificial intelligence, that are powering the next generation of product registration services.

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Alternative Revenue Streams in a Pandemic

Paul Swenson, EVP shares his thoughts and research during the 2020 Warranty Innovations Conference on ‘Alternate Revenue Streams in a Pandemic’. You can also listen to a recording of this seminar on our YouTube channel, find the link in this article.

Three Keys to a Positive Claim Experience for your Customers

Making a warranty claim can be a frustrating experience for a customer, and one that can have a large effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article, we examine three key processes to put in place to make sure that your customers have a positive experience when filing a claim.

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Product Registration: Key Technologies Driving the Industry (Two Part Series) Part 2: The Future of Product Registration: What’s Next?

In this second part of our series on production registration, we look at emerging technologies and applications that are driving innovation in how companies can deploy and manage registrations processes.