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After Announces The After Warranty Suite v5.2

After is pleased to introduce the After Warranty Suite v5.2. The After Warranty Suite is a set of hosted software and services providing state-of-the-art technology for use in a wide array of after-market warranty programs. Through standard and custom analytics, intuitive and customer-friendly ecommerce, data-driven marketing and highly configurable consumer administration, After has been instrumental in helping our clients warranty programs flourish.

Warranty Analytics

Warranty Analytics uses our Anvil™ big data platform to process all volumes of consumer purchasing and claims data to provide innovation and insights by understanding our clients’ consumer trends and product nuances. The following are changes to Warranty Analytics with the current release:

  • Interactive Reports – Using user-friendly, interactive reporting methods, After is making analytical information more accessible for our clients. Marketing reports, product claims, dealer claims and custom reports are available to clients with high interactivity and rapid filtering to get at the information you need.
  • Standardization – Leveraging common experiences across a wide variety of verticals, After has implemented a series of product standardization activities within the internal data model and business processes that have enhanced the final deliverable for our clients, and allow for more productivity in designing future reports.
  • Warranty Analytics is the premier analytics package provided by After, A Fulcrum Company.

Warranty Marketing

Warranty Marketing uses the most effective ecommerce methods and interfaces to create a seamless warranty sales experience for the end-user that measurably improves conversion rates. The following are changes to Warranty Marketing with the current release:

  • Payment Options – After has opened up a number of payment options for end consumers to finance their warranty payments with ease. “FlexPay” allows for consumers to schedule up to 4 installment payments, providing a flexible choice in purchasing valuable warranty coverage. Along with credit card payments, After has also added check payment options for both full payment and “FlexPay”.
  • Real-time Offers – Expanded capabilities are now available to create offers dynamically with support for complex pricing and coverage rules. These features enable customers or call center agents to cover additional items more easily, resulting in increased sales.
  • Warranty Marketing is the premier ecommerce and web marketing package provided by After, A Fulcrum Company.

Warranty Administration

Warranty Administration allows companies to manage their warranty information more effectively, using a modern web console that captures and displays all aspects of the customer relationship. The following are changes to Warranty Administration with the current release:

  • Upgraded Technology – The Warranty Administration module has been upgraded throughout, with a more efficient backend database, and a clean, modern interface that enhances user productivity.
  • Claims Adjudication – Extensive adjudication and audit capabilities have been added allowing administrators to review and adjust claims from customers and servicers. Claim expenses can be controlled and monitored efficiently thanks to flexible workflows and an intuitive UI.
  • Support for Bundled Coverage – In some warranty programs, coverage extends to a collection of products or components. The latest version provides enhanced support for such plans, including the ability to have different coverage limits and terms for different components.
  • Payments to Lienholders – In settings where a lienholder may have financed the purchase of a product, as well as an extended service plan, the product now supports making the lienholder the primary payee for claims and cancellations.
  • Warranty Administration is the premier client administration package provided by After, A Fulcrum Company.

Additional Updates

Along with the above product changes, the following items should also be noted:

  • Automated Payment Account Updater – Account Updater works with many credit card companies to refresh payment information after an account number change due to a reissued credit card. By using Account Updater, renewals and flexible payment options can be handled more seamlessly, resulting in fewer declined charges.

Call Center / Services

Call Center capabilities are readily available upon request. There are a number of other services that After can assist with:

  • Outbound Sales Solutions and Testing – In addition to managing the inbound telephone response to extended service plan solicitations and providing a seamless customer experience, AFTER optimizes the marketing mix by adding the outbound sales channel.  Conversion results from the outbound channel supplementing the existing sales model – providing a more dynamic, efficient, and profitable extended service plan marketing effort, while enhancing the customers’ brand experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveying: ESC (Extended Service Contract) Sales and Claims Processes – Valuable insight into the overall customer / brand experience is gained relative to the extended service plan experience – from initial offering through claims administration through renewal.  The goal is to understand and optimize the messaging associated with the ESC offering, and gauge the effectiveness of the interaction at the dealer level – from presentation, to claims and potential renewal.