Case Studies

A sampling of success stories from our client partnerships. Read more to see how After, Inc. is helping major brands build profitable post-sale programs.

Driving Profits at Electrox NA

Learn how After, Inc. helped Electrolux revamp its extended service plan business by consolidating customer information, implementing advanced analytics, and rolling out a new marketing program.

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Helping Seagate Innovate

Learn how After, Inc.’s Warranty Analytics and Risk Management frameworks supported Seagate’s development and rollout of a data rescue service to owners of its products.

Marketing Gains at Polaris

Read about how After, Inc. helped relaunch a successful extended service plan program that produced steep increases in conversion rates and program profitability.

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Alternative Revenue Streams in a Pandemic

Paul Swenson, EVP shares his thoughts and research during the 2020 Warranty Innovations Conference on ‘Alternate Revenue Streams in a Pandemic’. You can also listen to a recording of this seminar on our YouTube channel, find the link in this article.

Three Keys to a Positive Claim Experience for your Customers

Making a warranty claim can be a frustrating experience for a customer, and one that can have a large effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this article, we examine three key processes to put in place to make sure that your customers have a positive experience when filing a claim.

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Product Registration: Key Technologies Driving the Industry (Two Part Series) Part 2: The Future of Product Registration: What’s Next?

In this second part of our series on production registration, we look at emerging technologies and applications that are driving innovation in how companies can deploy and manage registrations processes.