After Company Picnic

What better way to celebrate our new brand and new product release than with a company picnic!  Staff enjoyed a brisk, somewhat wet, summer afternoon on Shady Beach in Norwalk, CT, taking advantage of good food and good fun with the best after-market team in the business!

The team was fed a great mix of picnic staples (hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad), as well as some eclectic options like lasagna, chicken teriyaki and vegetarian fare.  After lunch, there were a wide variety of outdoor games available, with whiffle ball, bag toss and horseshoes being among the favorites.

Its been a busy and exciting year so far for After, and it was a great day to celebrate our accomplishments so far, and to spend time with the coworkers who will help achieve our goals for the rest of the year.  A good time was had by all!  See some of the festivities below!