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Claims Reporting Made Easy

As we work with manufacturers in a broad range of industries, one thing is common among them: claims reporting and analysis is a challenge.

Many companies have reporting packages that came as part of their system or are bolt-on applications that may or may not be appropriately customized.  Others use spreadsheets and the associated graphical output of Microsoft Excel to manage their warranty programs, and while Excel is a great tool it is limited.

There are any numbers of software products that are available in the market, many of which are good solutions, but are costly and complicated to implement.   We often meet with prospects (who subsequently become clients) that have the infrastructure in place to analyze the data but struggle with the tools necessary to get the data in usable form.  They have labor intensive “work-arounds” in place that eat up productive hours and take away from the task at hand: interpreting the data in order to make actionable recommendations to get the most out of their warranty program.

After, Inc. offers a suite of online reports that allow for easy organization and dissemination of data and can save you money in two ways: cleaner tracking of sales and claims, and labor savings to put the reports together and analyze them.  The reports range from basic to complex and can be built to take feeds from multiple sources and simply display the data in any number of formats, or do more with them based on your needs.

The recurring needs for basic reporting lead us to develop a new product set (due out in January, 2017).  Our Warranty Analytics Reporting Package (WARP™) is a cost-effective way to automate reporting to identify the insights needed to get the most out of your warranty program.  The basic package will include:

  • Unit Sales Report – unit sales over time
  • Product Claims Report – model estimated claim frequency and CPU by product category, model, and other factors
  • Paid Claims Report – actual paid claims over time, broken out by parts, labor, and other costs
  • Pareto – interactive pareto charts by model year and other factors
  • Contract Sales Report – contract counts and revenue over time

Custom reports can also be added for an additional charge.

The time savings gained by outsourcing this reporting function and the insights gained by the flexibility of the views offered by the package will more than pay for themselves in the first year.  For a demo of our reporting package please give us a call at 800-374-4728 or schedule a demo: http://afterinc.com/schedule-a-demo/.