Warranty Chain Management Conference 2017 – After, Inc.’s Wrap-Up

by | Mar 23, 2017

The 13th annual Warranty Chain Management Conference 2017 was held in early March in Tucson, AZ, and After, Inc. was honored to attend, sponsor and present at this successful event!

Some important highlights from the conference, from the After, Inc. point of view:

Conference Workshop-Limited Warranty and ESP Program Warranty Analytics

Paul Swenson, EVP Business Development and  Dan Adelsberg, Group Director of Analytics, all senior team members from After, Inc. provided a 3-hour workshop titled, “How to Unleash New Profitability and Customer Loyalty”.  They covered areas such as claims forecasting, loss ratios and earnings, risk transfer and customer loyalty all in relation to ESP programs.  They also shared with the audience two valuable case studies relevant to their expertise in this field.  Their workshop summarized how having the right loss cost analytics provides significant insights that drive increased profits, improved manufacturing insights, new levels of customer loyalty, and ensures regulatory compliance.  The session was well attended and very interactive and received high ratings from the attendees.

Conference Session – Marketing Sales and Profitability

Michael Shene, VP Business Development at After, Inc. In his session, “The Art & Science of Extended Warranty Marketing: Driving Financial Return While Delivering A Positive Brand,” Michael covered the important balance of both the science (database management, predictive analytics, customer modeling and segmentation) and art (creative design, messaging, offer, and ongoing customer communication strategy) required to meet the customers’ expectation for a brand experience as well as expectation for financial return.  He delivered the presentation based on building a strategic roadmap with the ultimate goal of having an extended service plan marketing engine that leverages clean, accurate customer information and predictive analytics for ongoing learning on campaigns and results.  The presentation was supported with anecdotes and case studies from both client work and internal R&D.  This session was also well-attended and well received.

In addition to the conference and presentations, we hosted a wonderful dinner mid week at the local Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  Both clients and prospects were in attendance as well as Eric Arnum of Warranty Week and conference host Alison Griffiths for a great evening of food and drink.  We’d like to thank our guests that were able to join us, and appreciate their great insights, conversation and attendance!

Overall, it was a successful conference for After, Inc., our clients and our partners.  We were able to meet and speak with various highly respected warranty and service contract professionals, and share our experience, success and knowledge across many diverse industries.  We are already looking forward to next year’s conference that will be held in San Diego!

Please contact us directly if you would like access to any of the materials described above.  If you would like to speak with After, Inc. regarding your warranty programs, please give us a call at 800-374-4728.

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