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Offer protection plans to your customers

QuickCover easily integrates with your e‑commerce store so that you could start offering protection plans in no time.

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Offering protection plans increases revenue, loyalty, and brand trust - and customers want them

  • +20%
    Add up to 20% to
    your average check
  • +15%
    Increase loyalty
    and build trust
  • 46%
    of customers were not
    offered a protection plan
    but would purchase it
  • 81%
    of customers with
    a positive claim
    experience will
    recommend the brand
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  • Kate buys a new
    camera at your store
    for $500.
  • She adds product
  • You get increased
    revenue and
    average cart value.
  • Your customer
    gets a great
    customer experience.

How the claim process works

  • Customer purchases a protection plan and receives the terms and conditions via email
  • The terms and conditions provide information on what is covered and how to make a claim
  • If the product breaks the customer makes a claim via QuickCover website or by calling our contact center
  • QuickCover confirms the claim is
    covered under the protection plan and follows up with the customer on the next steps
  • If it is a replacement plan, QuickCover will pay you for the replacement product. You get the revenue AND can offer the customer another protection plan
  • If it is a repair plan and the product is repairable, we will route the customer to a service center and pay for the repair. If it is unrepairable, we will purchase a new product from you. The customer is happy which drives loyalty. You are happy because you have higher revenue and higher loyalty. Everyone wins!

Ebook: Why product protection is a valuable differentiator.

In this ebook you will learn:
– Why e-commerce competition is so high today,
– Ten (10) reasons why customers choose one e-tailer over another,
– How product protection drives brand loyalty, and
– Four (4) reasons why product protection has become the ultimate differentiator in 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

  • QuickCover® is an extension that helps businesses connect their protection plans to their end customers. QuickCover® was developed by After, Inc., a company dedicated to increasing consumer lifetime value for over 20 years.

  • QuickCover® enables a business to market protection plans to customers that have purchased their products through their plug and play application.

  • Any business that makes or sells a product can use QuickCover®.

  • Anyone can start with a free account on quickcover.me. A free account allows you to discover the benefits of QuickCover® and how it can add value to your business. QuickCover® works for any size business. If you have any questions, you can contact us through our contact form or by phone at 800.374.4728.

  • No. QuickCover® is designed to allow users to easily market their protection plans to their customers. But if you get stuck, you can get step-by-step instructions here or contact us at support@quickcover.me.

  • Easily sync all customers that have registered their product through QuickReg® to work with the QuickCover® plugin via our step-by-step instructions provided here.

  • Yes. The QuickCover® platform is compliant with all US and EU data collection laws and regulations. But remember, you must follow your own privacy guidelines and data collection regulations when you download or transfer data from the QuickCover® platform. See the terms of service for more detail.

    1. QuickCover is a free extension for your e-commerce site.
    2. When you integrate QuickCover with your e-commerce site, it matches your products to the correct protection plan price for each category. You can review the categories before launching.
    3. Once launched, your customer pays you the full cost of the protection plan if they opt to purchase it. We bill you later for the wholesale price to cover our administration of the plan and the potential risk.
    4. The price consists of 2 portions: one of them is your profit. The other one is our charge. The percentage can vary, depending on the category of product.
    5. Sample pricing of protection plans for consumer electronics: 1-year protection plan: $39.99. You receive $15.00. We get $25.00.
  • After purchasing the protection plan. your customer will receive an email outlining the details of the plan. This email will include a link to file a claim and get support from our team.  You can also add a “File a claim” button your website. See details here.


QuickCover is a product created by warranty business pioneer After, Inc. Our company has been serving global manufacturers for almost 20 years. Now we make our protection plans and technologies available for any business out there.

Nathan Baldwin,
CEO of After, Inc.
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