Warranty Analytics


Supercharge Your Program – Starting With Transparency Provided By Warranty Analytics

We deliver warranty analytics insight, cutting through the complex data of risk analyses, deferred costs, multiple vendors, and more, to determine the real impact of your warranty program.

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Our Approach

Impacting Three Keys Areas

Reserves & Fees

Contract Pricing

Loss Drivers

Accurately Allocate Reserves

We target 96%+ predictive accuracy every quarter.


Maximize Revenue Recognition

Right-Size Premiums

Optimize Consumer Pricing

Create Negotiating Leverage

Minimize Downside

Reduce Risk

Optimize Pricing

We offer the most profitable product and pricing strategies.

Higher Conversion Rates

Longer Contract Terms

More Revenue & Profits

Better Customer Perception

Pinpoint Loss

We directly identify financial loss-drivers.

Source Parts Differently

Optimize Parts Inventory

Fix Product Failure Points

Reduce “No Fault Found” Claims

Change Warranty Terms

Improve Call Center Scripts

The Opportunity

Potential Underwriting Adjustment
Potential Increased Program Revenue
Potential Targeted Cost Savings


Helping Seagate Innovate

Seagate has cumulatively sold billions of hard drives and has hundreds of millions of devices actively under warranty at any given time.

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See how your company can leverage world-class technology and data analytics to transform your post-sale business.

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