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After, Inc. – v5.4 Product Release

After Warranty Suite v5.4 is now available!

After, Inc. is pleased to introduce the After Warranty Suite v5.4 product release.  The After Warranty Suite is a set of hosted software and services providing state-of-the-art technology for use in a wide array of warranty programs.  Through standard and custom analytics, intuitive and customer-friendly ecommerce, data-driven marketing and highly configurable warranty administration, After has been instrumental in helping our clients warranty programs flourish.

Anvil™ Big Data Platform

The Anvil™ Big Data Platform supports the rest of our product offerings by providing a common infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies.  The following are changes to our Anvil™ Big Data Platform with the current release:

  • Release management and deployment automation – Numerous improvements have been integrated into our underlying platform, including the use of PostGres, Kafka and Gradle, streamlining our database creation and deployment methods.

Warranty Analytics

Warranty Analytics uses our Anvil™ Big Data Platform to process all volumes of consumer purchasing and claims data to provide innovation and insights by understanding our clients’ consumer trends and product nuances.  The following are changes to our Warranty Analytics offering with the current release:

  • Increased staffing around mathematical sciences – After, Inc. has supplemented its industry-leading leadership around warranty analytics with additional resources fluent in Poisson and Negative Binomial Regressions, Proportional Intensity Models, Generalized Additive Models and other tactical analytic methods to provide the most accurate purchasing and forecasting results to our clients and their warranty programs.

Warranty Analytics is the premier analytics package provided by After, Inc.

Warranty Marketing

Warranty Marketing uses the most effective ecommerce methods and interfaces to create a seamless warranty sales experience for the end-user that measurably improves conversion rates.  The following are changes to our Warranty Marketing offering with the current release:

  • Prorated Coverage – Expanded functionality has been added to optionally handle coverage proration for clients who wish to do so upon contract cancellation. Calculations will be auto-generated based on coverage date, price, previous claims and other factors.
  • “8-Pay” Flexible Payment Capabilities – Additional options for flexible payments have been implemented, including spreading end-customer payments over 8 payment periods, allowing for even more options in pricing and financing warranty purchases.
  • Campaign Templates – A variety of pre-built campaign templates are now available for faster implementation times, and better engagement of purchasers through use of methods that have already been proven to generate revenue.

Warranty Marketing is the premier ecommerce and web marketing package provided by After, Inc.

Warranty Administration

Warranty Administration allows companies to manage their warranty information more effectively, using a modern web console that captures and displays all aspects of the customer relationship.  The following are changes to the Warranty Administration offering with the current release:

  • User Permissions and Security Levels – A series of new user interfaces have been added to the Warranty Administration console to elegantly control each aspect of user access. Granular settings can be implemented for each user through a sophisticated administration layer, governing access and edit capabilities.
  • Cancellation Service – Users now have the ability to create rules around cancellations. This includes how to calculate cancel fees, determine tax refunds per locality and other organization specific criteria.
  • Claims Portal UI – A “white-labeled” extension of our Claims Administration UI has been created with additional fields and flexibility for specific client use cases. The interface also includes multi-lingual support for menus, which currently include English, French, Spanish and support for double-byte character sets.

Warranty Administration is the premier client administration package provided by After, Inc.

Additional Updates

Along with the above product changes, the following items should also be noted:

  • Multiple New Client Initiatives – As part of our continuing growth, After, Inc. has brought on a number of new clients in the most recent release period. Along with keeping us busy, these new clients have been able to confirm the value of our product enhancements and the direction we are headed for the future.

Call Center / Services

Call Center capabilities and other marketing capabilities are readily available upon request.  The following important change has happened with our Call Center:

  • Construction has finished on our new call center location, and we have moved into our new space as of April 2016. The design and layout of our new location plays a key factor in maximizing our abilities to support our current and future clients.  We have also been hiring new agents to expand our productivity.


After solutions work with any browser, but are best viewed using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Contact Information

After, Inc., 70 West 40th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY  10018.

Phone:  800-374-4728;  Fax:  212-901-0956;  Email: info@afterinc.com

Website:  http://afterinc.com