Warranty Analytics

Supercharge Your Program

We deliver warranty analytics insights, cutting through the complexity of multiple systems, multiple vendors, and multiple data formats to determine the real impact of your warranty program.

Reserves & Fees

Accurately Allocate Reserves

We target 96%+ predictive accuracy every quarter.

Maximize Reserve Recognition

Right-Size Premiums

Optimize Customer Pricing

Create Negotiating Leverage

Minimize Downside

Reduce Risk


Predict Product Failures

Our models reveal emerging reliability issues.

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Early Detection of Reliability Issues

calendar icon

Pinpoint Specific Problems

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Improve Quality

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Identify Supplier Issues

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Optimize Parts Inventory

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Cost Control

Reduce Warranty Costs

Our real-time scoring algorithms identify suspicious claims before payments are made.

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Uncover Fraud and "Over-Repair"

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Detect Anomalies in Service

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Develop Servicer Scorecards

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Close Policy Loopholes

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Improve Handling Procedures

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Prioritize Claims for Manual Review


Potential Underwriting Adjustment


Potential Increased Program Revenue


Potential Targeted Cost Savings

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